After months of being cooped up in London’s grey skies and polluted air, I scoured the internet in the hope of finding the idyllic countrified stay I had been daydreaming about, whilst buried on the Piccadilly line to work.

Lured by its name, The Little Wild Campsite, I booked three nights in its glamping accommodation, The Shepherds Hut.

Located deep in the Cornish countryside near to Penzance, where 3G is yet to be discovered, the rural campsite is a peaceful get-away from everyday distractions.

The cosy two-sleeper Hut encloses you into its warm timber walls, whilst its wendy-house like windows look out onto stunning sea views of Mount’s Bay. At night, after gazing upon the unspoiled starry skies, candlelit lanterns illuminate the hut as the log burner crackles, warming the cool summer nights.

The rest of the campsite has a rustic feel to it with its shower in a shed, (spiders included), compost loo and no electricity. Yes, a compost loo… It’s not that bad honestly!

Although we had no electricity, there was a gas hob in the hut– sorry Bear Grylls. All pots, pans and utensils were provided; my personal favourite being the tea whistling kettle. Mornings in the hut were greeted with its whimsical whistling, as well as the occasional cock-a-doodle-dooing and (if unlike us you wake up early enough) a beautiful sunrise upon the horizon.